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                  Noise is measured at a distance of 1 m from a gearbox operating at an input speed of 3000rpm in a sound-proof environment.

                  Turbine worm reducers are generally less noisy, and today it is generally accepted that helical gears will be less noisy than straight gears. In fact, there is an error, the servo reducer precision due to the limit, backlash is relatively small, the gear meshing is tight, under the condition of same back gap, if the gear manufacture precision is low, the noise is relatively large, this, whether it's straight tooth, or helical, all the above problems, the difference is that under the precondition of the same thickness of the gear, The oblique teeth will have more of the kneading part than the straight teeth. More meshing parts can make up for the lack of precision. In terms of the ordinary general reducer can through so-called (such as car car noise is higher, usually for a period of time, gear noise can significantly lower) to reduce the noise, but this is the result bring back gap increases, it is not allowed in the servo with reducer, so people through enhancing the surface hardness of the gear to improve the wear resistance. But even so, the servo reducer still has the problem of accuracy decline after a period of time with load operation. Eisele reducer adopts German gear, which has achieved a very high level of comprehensive performance in accuracy, tooth surface hardness, bending resistance, impact resistance and other aspects. In addition, by increasing the thickness of the gear, increase the meshing part. Therefore, even if the use of straight gear, the same can achieve the effect of ordinary reducer helical gear.