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                  The Service Life Of The

                      The efficiency of reducer is generally due to the reduction ratio, input revolution, load torque, temperature, lubrication conditions and different. In general, the efficiency provided in the sample refers to the efficiency at 3000rpm input speed and 25℃ temperature. It should be noted that this life needs to be corrected for low temperature use.

                      The service life marked by most manufacturers in the sample refers to the life of the bearing L10, that is to say, when the gear box is used in accordance with the specifications, the first failure should be the bearing. Therefore, the service life will be mentioned in the provision of torque index. These indicators are interrelated. Service life is the foundation parameters, a lot of data in the sample was calculated based on the service life and after the test to determine, for example, when you increase the input speed from the rated speed to maximum allowable speed, if the output torque unchanged, the results must be reduced life, also, if you improve the input speed of 30%, but decreases the output torque, May be able to maintain the original service life.

                      In some applications with very short lifetime, the application beyond the target is allowed, but it is best to depend on the experimental results.

                      If the radial or axial force at the output end is too large, the life will be shortened. In addition, attention should be paid to the calculation of life when used in the case of frequent swing at a fixed Angle.

                      There is a factor affecting life is easy to ignore, when the output shaft speed for a long time in a very low operation (below 0.02r/min) interval, the lack of lubrication of the bearing, can lead to the aging of the bearing and the drive side of the load rise. Special attention should be paid to this in applications such as single-crystal silicon pull-up furnaces.

                      When the reducer is used perpendicular to the horizontal plane, especially when the output shaft is used in the upper part, some brands of reducer in the input end without oil seal, need special attention, because this situation for a long time, will lead to the reducer gear surface due to the lack of enough lubricating oil and lead to gear surface damage.