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                  Definition of several torque indicators for reducer

                     As for the definition of torque, manufacturers are the most inconsistent. Not only are the contents, but also the entries are different. The above 4 indicators are mixed among manufacturers

                  T2N nominal outputtorque, rated torque

                   More complete definition is: refers to the temperature 30℃, Ka =1, S1 operation mode, with the output speed of 100rpm operation, guaranteed life of more than 20,000 hours. (Note: the life of some manufacturers'       products in S1 operation mode is 10,000 hours)
                     This is a very important parameter in applications, but the definition varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some speeds are defined in terms of input speed, and most manufacturers do not mention operating mode     (S1 or S5?). We can only judge and compare in the selection process provided by each individual. Because usually they use some coefficient to correct it.

                  Emergency stop torque (T2Not) ----German speed reducers usually provide this indicator

                   This parameter refers to the maximum torque that the output end of the reducer can withstand in the event of unexpected load. Beyond this torque, the reducer will be damaged. Even at this torque, the time cannot       last too long (1-2 seconds), otherwise it will affect the elastic deformation recovery of the internal teeth of the reducer. Some manufacturers give a quota of less than 1,000 times.
                     In addition to accidents, this torque will also appear in some normal applications, such as the electric push rod, at the moment of pressing this torque is needed. Note: reducers manufactured in Asia usually do not     mention this index, and even if they do, the definition is not identical.

                  T2Bmax. acceleration torque

                   The maximum torque for acceleration and deceleration, which is easy to understand. Pay attention to this index. Testing standards of different manufacturers are not exactly the same. If customers need this index,     they need to carefully analyze and compare.

                  max. output torque

                  This index is usually referred to as the maximum acceleration moment T2B.
                  Rated output torque is also given at the moment, Limit for averagetorque, Limit Repeated Peak Torque, Limit for Momentary Peak Torque
                  And other indicators. When you carefully compare the data given by each planetary gearbox manufacturer, there are two different approaches because of the different failure points:
                  A. This index is formulated according to the wear failure of the tooth surface.
                  B. This index is formulated according to the failure of needle roller bearings in planetary gears