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                  How to install the planetary reducer correctly

                  Planetary reducer is a very important part of CNC machine tools, playing a very important function such as increasing torque, reducing speed, so we should pay attention to the installation method, can not make mistakes.

                  How should the planetary reducer be installed?
                  (1) First of all, confirm whether the motor and reducer are intact, and seriously check whether the specifications of the parts connected with the drive motor and reducer match. Here refers to the positioning boss of the drive motor flange and the shaft diameter and the positioning groove and aperture of the reducer flange and the cooperation between the public service, wipe the surface of the cooperation of dirt and burr.

                  (2) screw down the technical hole on the reducer flange around the screw plug, rotate the input end of the reducer, so that the inner hexagonal screw cap is aligned with the technical hole, and the hexagonal thing is Pierce into the inner hexagonal screw.

                  (3) Handheld drive motor, make the key slot on the shaft and the reducer input end hole holding screw straight, will drive motor shaft into the reducer input end hole. Make sure the concentricity of the two flanges is parallel to each other when piercing. If the concentricity is different or the two flanges are not parallel, it is necessary to find out the reason. In addition, in the equipment, it is strictly prohibited to use hammer, that is, it can avoid the axial force or radial force of hammer is too large to damage the two bearings, and it can distinguish whether the collaboration between the two is suitable through the feel of the equipment. The difference between the two cooperation concentricity and flange parallel method is: the two each other into, the two flange roots close in their gaps together.